The Top Benefits of Rose Water For Locs and How To Use It 

If you stay up to date with all the latest beauty trends, chances are, rose water has already found its way into your beauty maintenance routine already. But if not, and you haven’t taken advantage of all of rose water’s benefits yet or ever, after reading this post, you’ll have more than enough reasons to start transitioning rose water into your hair product rotation, too. 

What is rose water?

This effective, sweet-smelling potion is a simple combination of dusk rose essential oil mixed with water, and it has been part of beauty routines for centuries thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties

Inflammation is the root of many loc or scalp concerns like tender scalp or dandruff, so if you’re looking for natural solutions for common issues like these, rose water is the perfect fix that will level up any hair care regime. 

The benefits of rose water for locs 

Applying rose water directly to your scalp or hair has way more advantages than just smell-good scents. Here are a few benefits of rose water for hair you should know about: 

  • Acts as a scalp astringent. Astringents are chemicals that constrict body tissues, and rose water works as one to prevent excess oil production on the scalp, keeping your locs fresher and the scalp less irritated. 
  • Fights off dandruff. Since dandruff is the result of excess oil on the scalp, by reducing the amount of oil being produced, you can help combat those pesky, dry flakes with rose water. 
  • Provides moisture and combats frizz. Achieve smooth and shiny locs with the help of rose water’s moisturizing properties. 
  • Reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth. A clean, healthy scalp is the key to all good things, including length retention. You can maintain a clean, non-irritated scalp with rose water and reduce hair loss. 

How to use rose water for locs 

Now that you know how rose water can change your hair care game for the better, let’s talk about some easy ways to incorporate it into your routine: 

  • Use it as a daily conditioner. Rose water works best when applied topically. Work it into your regular hydration routine for your locs by using a rose water mist that you spritz directly onto your hair for optimal moisture, less frizz, and a healthier scalp. 
  • Dab it onto the scalp. If your scalp health is your top priority, skip the misting and go straight to the root of the problem by using either a cotton ball or swab to massage rose water onto your scalp. 
  • Add it to your shampoo or conditioner. Take it up a notch and infuse your rose water with the hair care products you already have, like your shampoo or conditioner. Mixing your products with rose water is an easy way to get the best of both worlds for your locs. 

Where can I find rose water for locs near me?

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