Complete Loc Care Kit

At Rastta Locs, we are committed to providing exceptional services and natural hair products that support the journey of growing and maintaining beautiful dreadlocks. Our hair care products ensure that your locs grow healthy, strong, and remain vibrant. See what we can do for you today!

Growing Your Locs?

It should be said that there is no magical way to grow your locs faster. Hair growth can depend on numerous factors including age, race, and diet. On average hair can grow up to 2.4 inches to 6 inches a year depending on your hair type. 

Rastta Locs understands that growing and maintaining dreadlocks is a unique process. We are committed to providing high-quality natural hair products that promote healthy growth and nourishment for your locs. 

How it Works

Although there is no quick solution to growing your locs faster, there are several ways to promote healthy hair growth — it may just take time!

  • Live Stress-Free: It may be easier said than done, but too much stress can cause your body to slow down its production of hair growth and can even lead to hair loss. If you want your locs to grow, it’s important to reduce various stressors in your life. 
  • Promote Circulation to the Scalp: Massaging your scalp regularly can stimulate blood flow which could cause your locs to grow and flourish at a faster rate. 
  • Protect Your Locs: You can try all the hair fad trends, but if you aren’t protecting your locs throughout the day, it will lead to damage and breakage. Make sure to wrap your locs when you sleep and use a shower cap when showering. 

Our Natural Ingredients

At Rastta Locs, we understand the importance of using natural ingredients when it comes to caring for your locs. Harsh chemicals and synthetic additives can strip the hair of its natural oils and hinder the locking process. That’s why our products are

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Carefully crafted

Our Products

Our range of products is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with dreadlocks. 

Locking Gel and Moisturizer

Locking Gel and Moisturizer

Use this product to provide your locs with a firm hold while supplying your hair with moisturized nutrients.

pH-Balanced Shampoo

pH-Balanced Shampoo

Helps your hair and scalp remain in their optimum pH state.

Rosewater Conditioning Loc and Body Spray

Rosewater Conditioning Loc and Body Spray

Designed to moisturize and protect locs daily without harsh chemicals, flaking, or residue.

Growth/Anti-itch Cream

The Super 7 Serum is the ultimate solution for conditioning, rejuvenating, and preventing dry, itchy locks.

Starting dreadlocks is a transformative experience, and Rastta Locs is here to support you every step of the way. With our natural ingredients and dedicated product line, you can confidently nurture your hair for years to come. Try our natural hair products today and achieve the best dreadlocks yet!

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